Child Care

Child Care

How The Government Helps With Child Care
The Child Care Aware of America's 2017 report on Parents and the High Cost of Child Care shows that child care is one of the most essential items on most families' monthly budget.
The cost of child care is even higher than other costs like housing, college tuition, transport, and food expense. Finding quality child care is not that easy for most families.
Some child care programs set in the country enable our children to explore and grow. The providers give the children a safe and nurturing learning environment. This allows the parent to even focus on the work and other activities.
Safety for our children is crucial, so it is important to confirm that the child care providers meet all the health and safety requirements. You can seek a copy of the providers' license or make a review of the inspection report.
The government has tried its best to help parents provide child care services. Below are some of the ways the government attempts to provide the services.

Government Financial Assistance Program
The government tries to help the child financially in some of the following ways.

  • Child care subsidies
    Each state receives funds from the federal government for a state-run child care subsidy program. This program helps low-income families in paying for child care.
    This enables the parents to continue with their daily activities like working.
  • Head start and early head start
    The program helps prepare children to start school. It provides them with services to support their mental, social and emotional development.
  • State-funded prekindergarten.
    This program serves children between 3 and 5 years old. It focuses on early education and school readiness.
    Most states provide these programs to low-income families.
  • The military fee assistance program
    The child care fee is only eligible to military members in this program. The program is managed by the Child Care Aware of America.

Government Involvement In Work And School Related Programs
The government tries to ensure that all the states allow the schools to help high school students. Most of the students are provided with child care that enables them to finish their education.
Government Assist On Native Hawaiian, Native Alaskan, And American Indian Programs

  • American Indian and Alaska Native Assistance.
    Many native tribes receive grants from the federal government to provide child care and assistance to these families. The tribes that receive these grants are called the guarantees.
  • Native Hawaiian child care and preschool programs.
    Hawai has many of these programs that assist with the child care and preschool for native Hawaiian families.

Government Tax Credit Reduction
Another way that the government helps in childcare services is by reducing the citizens' tax. The benefits only dor those families paying child care services and the low-income families