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1119 E Cottonwood Ln
Casa Grande, AZ - 85122


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(520) 858-8880

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Vision: Children thrive in family environments free from abuse and neglect. 

Mission: Successfully engage children and families to ensure safety, strengthen families, and achieve permanency.


2021-07-29 09:04:48

The man that "worked" my six year old stepdaughter's case was offensively unprofessional, showed total lack of interest and was completely lazy and/or inept. He NEVER answered ANY of the messages or phone calls my wife made to him regarding the case. We tried to give him more information on the case to add the investigation but, as I said, he never responded. I was interviewed by him in person about the multiple claims my stepdaughter made against her biological father. Again, he showed no interest. Then after literal months of trying to contact him to provide new information to aid the investigation (like he told us to) we get a letter saying they closed the case.

2020-12-02 18:28:41

this DCS office lacks professionalism and they are not aware of the law and or following the law. They do not document , any thing that is truthful in meetings or honest in there documents they fabricate stories. If you are talking to anybody that works with DCS I'd advise you to study your rights because they apparently don't give you anything to inform you about your rights or how to use them. So parents record your conversation with any DCS case worker , manager anybody because they will lie and say things against you that may or may not even happened. But if I were You, you are allowed to record by law as long as you are present while the conversation is happening. You can. They do it. So can you. Document everything. Paper trail is the key. Please parents be aware they are not there to bring family reunification its family separation.

2020-04-02 08:48:24

Hello, could you please tell me how we can verify employment for someone who worked for Department of Child Safety in Casa Grande AZ?

2019-07-01 16:16:07

I had a bad experience in a tdm meeting. TG was very unprofessional. The dcs team called the meeting off because my son refused to sign voluntary supsidty paper. Then in the report it was reported that we did not want to participate. All people who should of been invited to participate in the tdm meeting where not invited or made aware of the meeting. Lori did not reach out to them or return calls emails or etc per team members. Had a Foster review where Lori did not attend or call .

2019-03-01 10:11:57

I have not visited your office, but I did send an e-mail . Could you please respond at my e-mail address. Thank you,

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