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DCFS practices a uniform service delivery model that measurably improves:
Child Safety
Access to effective and caring service


2021-03-16 11:36:44

Mi pregunta es como me puede visitar una trabajadora social para hablar en persona sobre asuntos relacionados con niños

2021-02-03 20:25:29

My daughter has been in DCFS case for year-and-a-half now and I never have any kind of consistency for a visit due to workers constantly canceling my visits last minute or have you no call no show from her or her switching my visitation dates without any kind of notice and they never imply to the court orders are giving me the visits as ordered twice a week and I only get half an hour twice a week if I'm lucky and then I go to court and lie and say that I am being consistent I want to call them out on it to get offended and say I'm a territorial this office is a poor excuse for public service and I see it for what it is a place designed to destroy families even further when they are already dysfunctional and provide job security for the bureaucracy.

2020-06-04 11:59:22

I need my social worker to communicate with me she hasn’t helped me with Scheduling any of my reunification visits with my son he’s now in West Virginia they failed to answer any of my FaceTime calls for like two months I need her to email me back with a schedule or what I’m supposed to do the first social worker had me Doing weekly drug test which I completed and I completed parenting and the therapy I have done I want to have the one on one therapy with my kid.

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