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17 Water Street, Ste. 301
Claremont, NH - 03743


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(800) 982-1001

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The Division for Children, Youth and Families manages protective programs on behalf of New Hampshire's children and youth and their families.
DCYF staff provide a wide range of family-centered services with the goal of meeting the needs of parents and their children and strengthening the family system. Services are designed to support families and children in their own homes and communities whenever possible

This office served the following towns:

Acworth,   Canaan,   Charlestown,   Claremont,   Cornish, Croydon,  Enfield,  George's  Mills,  Goshen,  Grafton, Grantham, Guild, Hanover, Langdon, Lebanon, Lempster,   Lyme,   Meriden,   Newport,   Orange, Orford, Plainfield,   Springfield,   Sunapee,   Unity,   Washington, West Lebanon.


2023-03-15 12:06:22

I'm not sure about most of the case workers but the ones that I have dealt with..including SUPERVISORS.. don't want to be bothered to do their jobs. No matter what proof you have, no matter what the child reports, it's never enough for them to step in. If the child hasn't been physically abused enough to need medical attention don't bother, if the child has endured emotional and verbal abuse, has had to witness domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and homelessness somehow it's not enough to get them to step up and protect the child. Our so called system is so badly broken and no one seems to care enough to fix it.

2021-02-23 12:22:24

Dcyf disappoints me so much! It's sick that they don't do much to help people and then kids get harmed or worse even after a worker has "visited" or "checked things out." Just so sad that our children in this world don't have better voices or steps to speak up for them and get them out of danger!

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