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Lake Havasu, AZ - 86403

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228 London Bridge  
Lake Havasu, AZ - 86403


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(928) 854-0315

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Yes Answered Jun 16, 2021

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Vision: Children thrive in family environments free from abuse and neglect. 

Mission: Successfully engage children and families to ensure safety, strengthen families, and achieve permanency.


2021-09-02 21:15:28

Answers to comments. The lady receptionist behind the glass is not a CPS investigator, she is a receptionist. She gave you the 800 hotline no. because she is not allowed to interview you, the hotline operator will take your complaint and provide you with a reference no. for your record. CPS investigator will contact you and interview your child and go from there.

2020-09-24 20:33:35

I have noticed that you manipulate the courts with lies, take children with no court orders and your agents get away with this. I have contacted the Governor's office and I'm waiting for a response from my Congressman. I'm working on an investigation through and with the F.B.I. Through other resources I am working on the mandatory use of body cam's to keep your employee's honest. You are Terrorist among the Citizens of the United States of America. May GOD Punish every one of you that are dishonest as he see's fit.

2019-08-14 13:46:23

I visited your office yesterday with what I thought would be a formal complaint regarding my son and my ex-wife and just for the record I have full custody of my son with the exception of her having a supervised visit, which went horribly wrong ,,I was kind of thrown back within the first 2 minutes I went in there, I was speaking with a lady that kept looking at me like I was the abuser.. I stood there for 30 minutes explaining the whole situation yelling through a glass window and not once was I invited back to an office to explain in detail what had occurred 2 days prior regarding my son another thing that that set me back was she never even asked my name my son's name my ex-wife's name or what type of injuries my son had endured, I mean this is an organization that supposed to be looking out for the welfare and safety of children she asked me nothing all she said was to call an 800 number,, I video recorded the incident and my visit there, just for documentation and record,, I'm sure if it was a life-threatening situation they would get involved but I just thought it was strange she never wrote down one single thing, but at least I have the whole conversation recorded should anything else arise regarding my son and his mom, I just can't wrap my head around the fact when I try to show her his injuries she seemed incoherent and the total opposite of being concerned,, I asked her if she wanted my name phone number any type of information she said no that she didn't need it they have no recollection whatsoever that I even walked through those doors to make a formal complaint, I tried to show her pictures of my son's back foot and hand has he had a third degree burn on his back, she glanced at them without any emotion and didn't say a word as if she was not interested in seeing them.

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