Lincoln County Department of Child Protection Services

Brookhaven, MS - 39601
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Lincoln County Department of Child Protection Services


300 E. Chickasaw Street
Brookhaven, MS - 39601

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Phone: (601) 835-2838
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The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services strives to lead Mississippi's efforts in keeping children and youth safe and thriving by:  

strengthening families; 

preventing child abuse, neglect and exploitation; 

and, promoting child and family well-being and permanent family connections.

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2019-08-18 09:31:54

This is a corrupt organization. They lie, fabricate, trick, change documents and steal children from one family while permitting others to keep, abuse and kill others. It's all about the money. They DO NOT follow the law. Period. Law means nothing to these evil tyrants. They are allowed to do anything they 'deem necessary' all across the nation. Brookhaven cps is in the good ole boy business. Justice Jess Dickinson knows this and what has he done to stop the corruption? Absolutely nothing. He left the Supreme Court to change cps? No, he has iron clad evidence as to the corruption and just like every other state, looks the other way. All about money for stealing kids from their family. I have proof how corrupt cps is along with the youth court making a mockery out of justice. In 792 days of fighting, I have not found one person that did not fear cps, from our lawmakers down to the parent striving to save their family and child.. brookhaben cps knows no boundaries, they steal children.disrespect the law and push parents and extended family to drastic measures and even suicide. So where are you Justice Jess Dickinson? No time to get facts so you can change this mess? Your foundation for leaving the Supreme Court is crumbling. I will never stop fighting these evil people.

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