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114 Corn Shop Ln.
Farmington, ME - 04938


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DHHS serves approximately one-third of the people of Maine, providing health care and social service support to children, families, the elderly, the disabled, people with mental illness or substance abuse issues, and the poor. The Department operates two state psychiatric hospitals; provides public health information, guidance and management through the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention; and provides oversight to hospitals, nursing homes and other health care entities through the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services.


2020-11-23 12:43:08

Received a letter on Nov. 21st requesting information about bank accounts to be sent before Nov. 23rd.? The letter was date Nov. 11th. This timing is not allowing much time to get info back to DHHS. I guess my only option is to mail in the info requested and hope you accept it when you get it. When you will get it is anyone's guess in view of the mess that has been made of our postal services.

2020-10-17 01:23:15

Iv sent in my review twice and still food stamps is 0 I live in ssdi I need the the foodstamps asap iv called twice and they say they will look when they get to it well there's no pantry and I have nothing.

2020-10-15 07:47:55

My food supplement balance is ZERO !!! This has never happened before. My review and paperwork were done well in advance of the deadline. I can NOT get through to any office for help. I'm 72, a widow, and live on $808.00 a month!

2020-09-02 10:40:01

I have been in touch many times by emails to your office and you have never sent an answer.

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