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Office of Children and Family Services

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13 Durkee Street
Plattsburgh, NY - 12901


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(518) 565-3300

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Information on Services

Child Protective Services
Child Protective Services investigates suspected child abuse or maltreatment and determines services necessary to ensure the safety of the child and reduce future risk to the child.
Children Preventive Services
Supportive and rehabilitative services are provided to children and families to keep families together and to prevent foster care placement or to return the children from foster care earlier than would otherwise be possible.
Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services are provided to assist individuals age 18 or older who, because of physical or mental impairments, can not provide for their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter or medical care, or protect themselves from neglect, abuse or hazardous situations; and who have no one willing and able to help in a responsible manner.
Court / Adolescent Services
Youth and their families who are experiencing difficulty with adolescent issues receive services including PINS Diversion (Persons in Need of Supervision) Preventive Services and TASA case management (Teenage Service Act).
Domestic Violence
A Domestic Violence Liaison conducts an assessment and determination regarding the need for waivers for temporary assistance due to safety issues when domestic violence is an issue. Referrals to appropriate services are made as well.

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