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Information on Services

CFS receives and reviews allegations of child abuse and neglect made within San Bernardino County and provides intervention and support services to families and children when those allegations are substantiated.

CFS works to prevent further harm to children from physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect.

CFS services provide support for families while reducing risks to children.

CFS services strive to improve parenting skills and strengthen social support networks for families.


2021-02-12 10:52:50

I very much agree with the previous comment, the Social workers of Rancho Cucamonga work dirty and corrupt, I never in my life imagined that there were people who are so wicked And destroy families like that just to pocket the funds with which they have to finance the investigations, they do not investigate anything, they only judge by what they believe is the best income. For their pockets that is why they invent false reports and forced statements full of falsehood and the worst that the judges support them being in their favor dictate the ruling in favor of those liars why. They know well that if a child enters the system it is extra money for their pocket but if a child leaves the system that money decreases and that does not suit the judge as much as the lawyers of the court. Less corrupt social workers, is incredible that they play with the lives of innocent creatures, how it is possible that they fall asleep knowing that they cause innocent families and pampering all for not doing their job well, as they live with such a dirty conscience, I don't understand why they haven't had a good examination, make a good clean and put honest and ethical workers who really know their profession experienced and humane social workers with no financial interest who really care about For the well-being of children, not for their pockets, professional people, not like the social workers of Rancho Cucamonga, without ethics or professionalism.

2020-07-06 15:26:11

CPS in Rancho Cucamonga has a huge accountability problem and social workers are known to break the rules and protocols, broken the rules in several occasions regarding drug testing protocols and omitting information on official court documents and reports. I have reported this to supervisors and of course they tried to sweep things under the rug by assigning a new worker to my case.

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