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Vision: Children thrive in family environments free from abuse and neglect. 

Mission: Successfully engage children and families to ensure safety, strengthen families, and achieve permanency.


2022-04-01 20:32:58

I feel like our investigator was very professional and really cared about their job and doing it right. This person loves their job and loves the ability to not only help the children but help the families. CPS by law has to investigate every claim so those who are upset, yes its a inconvenience but that is what they must do, even if its a harassment or false claim. I believe its important to have a understanding that this is a stressful and very upsetting job sometimes and they are human. I understand that when some is not doing their job and harassing or threatening that is not ok, but I honestly feel like 90% of the people who work in CPS in general love their job and try and do the best they can for their kids and families who they are case workers for. There are always going to be those people who should not work there and those who have bad experiences. I feel like these people get a bad rep especially since maybe people had bad experiences especially years ago and this should not reflect how we should think of all these people. We had a false claim against us years ago and that worker was horrible and did not know the laws, but as parents we are here to protect our children and make sure that we are the best and do the best we can for them. I would always suggest people learning the laws, reading the hand box they give to you and allow them to do their job even if you know there are no concerns. They do not know that and they have to treat every case as true until its proven false. There are kids in bad homes and there are people who are in bad situations and those are the ones people need to just keep in mind that they take their job serious because of the horrible things they do see and want to prevent.

2020-07-09 01:24:12

I think it’ss shame that these people appear not to be educated in child development or the importance of maintaining the integrity of the family. The investigator I encountered was completely dishonest. She twisted perfectly healthy coping skills into unreasonable expectations of my 14 year old daughter, she accused me of ongoing physical abuse and neglect when I am an avid supporter of gentle parenting but made one mistake and spanked my 14 year old, she claimed a previous infant death was due to neglect and SIDS in the same paragraph, she is not well versed in the agency policies or procedures, she even went as far as to describe psychopathic behaviors she claims she observed as my child and I were being re-traumatized by DCS and law enforcement. They definitely need diversity training and CEUs pertaining to child development and trauma based disorders. She doesn’t have a clear understanding of HIPPA protected information and my obligation (none) to release such information. She was very aggressive and condescending at the conference and has even gone to the extent that she believes she can terminate my rights for refusing to participate in services. Their own policies and procedures state that no DCS worker can compel and parent or guardian to participate and refusal to participate is not grounds to remove the child or to terminate rights. The parental rights and responsibilities act of 1995 states that no government agency or any 3rd party can usurp your right to parent without meeting the burden of proof as stated later in the bill. Don’t let them violate your rights, if they do pay attention to every detail. Read the policies and procedures and be sure to document every failure to abide by those policies. Mental health is not anything they can use to discriminate either. The parent has to have a considerable impairment that prevents them from providing the bare essentials and to supervise their child. Don’t fall for claims of mental instability or emotional instability because we all have our moments and the long term consequences of maternal and familial deprivation are just as devastating as what they claim your instability is. In fact this agency is one of the leading causes (in my opinion) of childhood mental illness that leads to adult mental illness and the false idea that we have to allow them to interfere in our rights as parents. There are the few that are truly dangerous to their children, but if they cannot charge you with a crime against your child then don’t think for a second that they can remove your child. IF THERE ARE ANY CONTINGENCY LAWYERS WILLING TO TAKE MY CASE, I HAVE EVERY INTENTION OF FILING A CIVIL SUIT AGAINST DCS Arizona and DCS California. All of my children deserve justice.

2020-04-29 15:00:09

I had a C.P.S. case open that just recently closed. I sent in a huge statement a while ago that members of my family that are extremely mentally ill and others who judge me in the community for no reason have judged me and are proned to prank call C.P.S. on me. I would appreciate if your company could make a note of that so theese prank calls stop. I do not deserve this. I have had plenty of training and parenting classes. I even took Parenting in high school and got an A. I am perfectly qualified but others seem to not understand this and prank call or make up story's about me. Please stop investigating under false pretenses. Again, I would really like for you to make a note of this and ignore prank calls about me. They are not necessary.

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